When choosing a DJ controller, or any piece of equipment you will want to read some reviews and educate yourself. I usually check out onlinedjguide.com for the latest and greatest in DJ news.

buying a dj controller

The market is saturated right now, when it comes to DJ gear. DJ controllers have such a wide range, there are a lot of brands to choose from. From Pioneer, Numark, etc. Theres also a lot of different ranges in them. Price changes drastically when buying DJ equipment, were going to talk about the low end of the spectrum though.

The best dj controllers for beginners are still saturated but we are going to narrow down some features you are going to want to know about before purchasing your first DJ setup.

  1. Budget – depending on how much you want to spend on this thing, depends on how many features you are going to get. Since we are talking about beginner dj controllers, they usually fall within 500 dollars and lower. You usually get all the features you need to get started as a DJ and more.
  2. Brand – if you are a brand snob you might choose some controllers over others. Most controllers in this price range all have the same features, so it doesnt really matter which brand you get.
  3. Jog wheels – jog wheels are important because this helps you progress through a song and move through a song. Some dj controllers dont have jog wheels, and really on buttons or switches and faders.
  4. Portability – portability is pretty big when you first start out. You are going to be wanting to practice at different places just to showcase your talents. So having a portable unit is going to be key.
  5. Software – depending on the dj controller you get, will depend on the software you will be using. Most controllers can be used with multiple dj softwares but wont work to the full potential.

These are my tips on what to look for when buying a dj controller.